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Color Magic DeluxeGrafik

Color Magic Deluxe

Genre: Dienstprogramme

Albumpreis: Kostenlos

Erscheinungsdatum: 17. März 2010

Color Magic in collaboration with will be FREE today and
today only!

Search appstore with "art of blur" for another amazing photo editing app.

Want to give your photos an eye-catching look by simply slip fingers on the photo?
With Color Magic Deluxe, everything can be as easy as 1-2-3. Just take a photo with iPhone camera or pick a photo from album, Color Magic will change it into black and white image, then begin painting in color with your fingers. Don't worry about mistakes, You can undo every step along the way! Choose your brush, select a proper size and transparency paint in either color or black & white to edit your photos in detail. 
Zooming in&out function and an alternative view mode highlights with a red tint allows you to work on details with pixel-accuracy.

When you done the job, you can easily post your image to facebook,flickr or send with email.


✓ Share your edited images on Facebook, Flickr or email.
✓ Simple responsive user interface.

✓ Fast and unlimited undo.

✓ Paint in color

✓ Paint in black & white (to erase).

✓ 11 different brushes.
✓ Built-in video guide.

✓ Choose brush size and transparency.

✓ Save multiple sessions to resume your work later.

✓ Highlights the regions that will remain in color with a red tint. This makes it easier to see and adjust the boundaries between color and black & white regions.

✓ Hide the toolbars in full screen mode.

✓ Fast zoom in and out.


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