Free Disk Space – Maxim Sokolov

Posted in Utilities by iTunes Store. Published April 17th, 2014
Maxim Sokolov - Free Disk Space Grafik Free Disk Space
Maxim Sokolov
Genre: Dienstprogramme
Erscheinungsdatum: 12.04.2014

Free Disk Space allows you to get back the space on your disk in minutes. Find long forgotten files, understand where all the drive space went in one glance.

+ Top infographic design
+ Fast scans
+ One click easy to use interface

© © 2013 Quantru


PlayTubeConvert – Convert Video and Audio to...

Posted in AppStore, Top Apps - DE, Utilities by AppWolke. Published April 11th, 2014
Jesse PinkMan - PlayTubeConvert - Convert Video and Audio to Ringtone! artwork PlayTubeConvert - Convert Video and Audio to Ringtone!
Jesse PinkMan
Genre: Utilities
Price: 0,89 €
Release Date: March 14, 2014

The best app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod that will help you to easily download your favorite videos from the most popular video portals and then convert them to audio files or create ringtones for your phone.

* Main Functions *

-Built-in fully-functional browser for searching your favorite videos.
-Download and view videos from most popular websites.
-Full-screen video view.
-Easy-to-use video and audio player.
-Video-to-audio conversion.
-Select start and end points of a video segment to convert it to an audio file.
-Turn video/audio files to phone ringtones!
-Download Manager.
-Detailed app user guide.

* Additional *

- Beautiful and intuitive interface.
- Compatible with iOS 6 and iOS7
- Now you can play music in background mode
- Music supports remote control
- Convert process now runs in background mode
- The interface and design of the application has been slightly changed
- Supports more Sites
- Improved algorithm for converting

© © mr. PinkMan


Voice Translator Pro (your voice and text translat...

Posted in Top Apps - FR, Utilities by iTunes Store. Published April 9th, 2014
luca calciano - Voice Translator Pro (your voice and text translator to/from English, Spanish etc ...) artwork Voice Translator Pro (your voice and text translator to/from English, Spanish etc ...)
luca calciano
Genre: Utilities
Price: 0,99 €
Release Date: March 12, 2014

Voice Translator is on SALE with 50% off today with

Are you tired of complicated applications that make you waste time, with disappointing results ?
Looking for a fast and professional translator?
Try "Voice Translator”!

You can write or dictate your sentences and get a quick translation in 40 languages, thanks to a sophisticated and powerful translating and voice recognition system.

If you need to hear the translation, no problems!
“Voice Translator" also has an excellent built-in voice synthesizer.

If you want to share your written or dictated sentences for work or for fun you can take advantage of the best communication means such as whatsapp, twitter, facebook, email, text messages, or you can copy the text and use it in any application that has the “copy” function.

© © Luca


Scanbot | PDF Scanner, Multipage, Cloud Upload of ...

Posted in Top Apps - NL, Utilities by iTunes Store. Published April 6th, 2014
doo GmbH - Scanbot | PDF Scanner, Multipage, Cloud Upload of Scans artwork Scanbot | PDF Scanner, Multipage, Cloud Upload of Scans
doo GmbH
Genre: Utilities
Price: 0,89 €
Release Date: April 3, 2014

Scanbot is your premium mobile scanner app. Create high-quality PDF or JPG scans. Send them via email or upload them to Box, Dropbox, Evernote and other cloud services.

• Scan premium quality PDFs or JPGs up to 200 dpi
• Cloud integration: Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Yandex and other cloud drives
• Automatic edge detection and scanning
• Multi page documents
• Color modes
• Automatic optimization
• Smart background upload
• Lightning fast
• Beautifully designed

Scanbot relies on the latest and most advanced mobile scanning technology available. Your scans are delivered at a premium quality with up to 200 dpi, which is comparable to the performance of modern desktop scanners. In addition, various color modes, auto optimization and blur-reduction help you to get the most out of your scans.

Scanbot is blazing fast. Just hold your iPhone over any document, receipt or whiteboard and it takes only a second to scan a page and save it as a PDF or JPG. Thanks to Scanbot's latest technology, the edges of the document are automatically identified so that only the document itself is scanned. Scanbot captures the best possible image in the perfect moment. You don't have to do anything!

Scanbot works on all occasions with all kind of media. Scan any kind of document such as standard paper documents, business cards, receipts, notes, whiteboards or post-its. Scanbot helps you save the documents that are important for you and get rid of paper clutter. No matter whether you are in the supermarket, at work or on holidays, Scanbot is with you.

Scan to the CLOUD
Scanned documents can be emailed, printed or uploaded to a supported cloud drive. If you enable automatic upload and Scanbot will automatically save your scans to your preferred cloud service right in the moment your PDF scan has been created. With Scanbot you can upload to the following cloud drives:
• Dropbox
• Evernote
• Yandex.Disk
• and other cloud drives

Be sure that we'll add more cloud drives in the future.

How Scanbot makes your life easier...
• Scan any document that is important for you: invoices, receipts, business cards, tickets, notes, whiteboards, contracts, travel vouchers etc.
• Process your scans effectively and efficiently: Email, print or automatically upload your scans to your favorite cloud drive
• Save time and money: get premium quality scans in the widely accepted PDF format or as JPG in up to 200 dpi – there's no need to buy a huge and expensive desktop scanner
• While traveling: scan tickets, boarding passes, IDs or receipts on the go. Never have the feeling again you missed a document when arriving at your destination or at home.
• Students: How often did you forget what your professor wrote the whiteboard or flipchart in that last lecture? With Scanbot you can capture and share the notes with your fellow colleagues instantaneously.
• Business: Scanbot helps you scan your invoices, receipts, contracts, meeting minutes or other business documents. Scanning multiple pages lets you even create one PDF scan out of a multi page contract.

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Get in touch: [email protected]

© © doo GmbH


Tricks fürs iPhone (Pro) –

Posted in Top Apps - AT, Utilities by iTunes Store. Published April 3rd, 2014 - Tricks fürs iPhone (Pro) artwork Tricks fürs iPhone (Pro)
Genre: Utilities
Price: 1,79 €
Release Date: January 23, 2014

Die TOP-App aus den deutschen iTunes Charts jetzt endlich als Pro Version! Hol dir jetzt die Pro Version der beliebten "Tricks fürs iPhone" App und geniesse tolle Vorteile:
+ Keine Werbung
+ Alle Tricks offline lesen
+ viel schneller durch kürzere Ladezeiten
+ iOS 7 Design
+ App Deal des Tages (kostenpflichtige Apps für 0 €)
+ uvm...

*Platz 1 bei iTunes*
Platz 1 in Deutschland
Platz 1 in Österreich
Platz 1 in der Schweiz
Platz 1 in Luxemburg

#1 - Platz 1 bei den Paid Apps
#1 - Platz 1 bei den Gratis Apps
#1 - Platz 1 in der Kategorie "Dienstprogramme"
(*Stand: 06.02.2014 bzw 02.11.2013)

Die offizielle Tricks für iPhone Pro App von bringt dir regelmässig neue Tipps & Tricks rund um das iPhone. Wir zeigen dir geheime Einstellungen und versteckte Funktionen die du noch nicht kanntest. Regelmäßig kommen neue iPhone Tricks hinzu und mit dieser App verpasst du Nichts. Wir machen dich zum iPhone Profi!

Jeder Trick beinhaltet eine Kurzfassung für die schnelle Umsetzung. Eine zusätzlich enthaltene ausführliche Beschreibung sowie zahlreiche Bilder machen jeden Trick einfach verständlich und für Jedermann umsetzbar.

© © 2013 Go new media GmbH & Co. KG


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