Kik – Kik Interactive Inc.

Posted in Social Networking, Top Apps - US by iTunes Store. Published Oktober 16th, 2014
Kik Interactive Inc. - Kik  artwork Kik
Kik Interactive Inc.
Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: April 10, 2010

150 million people love Kik! Only Kik lets you connect with all your friends, no matter how you meet them – at school, on your favorite social app, or in an online game. Just ask them: “What’s your Kik?”

• Show your personality. Set up a username that’s unique to you. With Kik, you never have to share your phone number

• Connect on your terms. Kik’s special features let you manage your conversations, so you always decide who you talk to

• Do more than chat. Find and share games, music, celebrity gossip and more – without ever leaving Kik

Whether you’re into games, music, celebrity news, or just chatting, Kik is the place to hang out!

Here's what our users have to say:

"Love how Kik allows people to text me without having my number" - Kee

"This is a great safe way to meet new people and chat with them" - Kristin

"Really excellent. I love it!" - Cody

© © 2014 Kik Interactive Inc


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Twibbon – Storm Ideas Ltd

Posted in Social Networking, Top Apps - UK by iTunes Store. Published September 20th, 2014
Storm Ideas Ltd - Twibbon  artwork Twibbon
Storm Ideas Ltd
Genre: Social Networking
Price: £0.69
Release Date: June 8, 2011

Show your support for over 200,000 Campaigns by overlaying a Twibbon onto your Facebook or Twitter profile pic!


From charities and brands to celebs and sports teams, the Twibbon iPhone app lets you show off to your friends and followers what you support in a fun, instant and lasting way!

Join the 12 million people to have added a Twibbon to their avatar, including online celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey and Stephen Fry, by downloading the Twibbon iPhone App now!


The Twibbon iPhone app lets you overlay your avatar in 3 easy steps:

- Select your base profile picture from your Camera, Photo Library, Twitter Avatar, or Facebook Profile Album
- Zoom and rotate your base profile picture

- Search and add from over 200,000 Twibbons
- Zoom, rotate and change the opacity of your Twibbon

- Upload your Twibbonized profile picture to either your Facebook or Twitter avatar



Winner of Best Application 2009, Golden Twits

“Twibbon is definitely one of the most viral ideas on Twitter.”
– Adam Ostrow, Mashable

“It's now possible to show support for your favorite cause without saying a word or spending a dollar.”
– Web 100

“A direct and concise service that will fit the needs of many”
– KillerStartups

“Kudos to Storm Ideas for pumping out yet another innovative application”
– NerdStalker

© © 2012 Storm Ideas Ltd


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SIMSme – Your secure messenger – DP IT Bri...

Posted in AppStore, Social Networking, Top Apps - DE by AppWolke. Published August 26th, 2014
DP IT Brief GmbH - SIMSme – Your secure messenger  artwork SIMSme – Your secure messenger
DP IT Brief GmbH
Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: August 9, 2014

Sending messages with SIMSme is absolutely safe and private — no eavesdropping possible! SIMSme is a free messenger app with real end-to-end encryption — guaranteed by Deutsche Post. Download now!

The first one million users receive free access to the self-destruction feature for messages! The coupon code will be sent to you via SIMSme message.

# Do you like sharing photos with your friends, but do not want them to stay available forever on the Internet?

# Are you looking for a free messenger that provides a high degree of data security?

# Do you like staying in contact with your friends and colleagues, but value your privacy?

# Do you require a fast communication method for work purposes, but find that traditional chat services are not safe enough for business secrets? Would you prefer if your professional communication was encrypted?

# Would you like to use a service for which the German Data Privacy Regulations apply?

# Are you looking for a service for your children to use, a service which you can safely trust with personal information?

SIMSme offers all the features that you have come to expect from a modern and and advanced messaging app – and much more:

Your data remains YOUR data. Messages are encrypted on the sender's device and can only be decrypted on the recipient's device. Even we, the operators, cannot view your messages on our own servers.

Save on fees compared to traditional SMS or other messengers.

Send photos, videos, contacts and locations - encrypted, of course!

SIMSme uses your phone/address book to connect you to your contacts. The phone numbers in your phone book are anonymised and compared to our user database in an encrypted manner. A connection is only established if we can find both your contact and yourself on our service. Contacts that have not yet signed up to use SIMSme will never be saved on our server. Guaranteed.

The SIMSme servers are located in Germany and will stay there. Of course, this also means that your data has to be handled in accordance with German Data Protection Guidelines!

Using SIMSme, you can either specify an "expiration date" for your messages or only make your messages readable for a certain period of time. Our "self-destruction" feature serves to keep private matters truly private!

Thanks to SIMSme's transparent background, you can always keep track of things – even if you're typing while walking.

Download SIMSme now and stay up to date at all times – in both your professional and private lives.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding SIMSme? We look forward to receiving your feedback! Please contact us at

© © Deutsche Post AG


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WhatStatus – WhatsApp Usage Real Time Report...

Posted in Social Networking, Top Apps - BR by iTunes Store. Published Juli 30th, 2014
Hazit - WhatStatus - WhatsApp Usage Real Time Reports  artwork WhatStatus - WhatsApp Usage Real Time Reports
Genre: Social Networking
Price: USD 0.99
Release Date: May 23, 2014

WhatStatus sends you notifications and lets you know the very moment that your contacts get online and when they change their profile picture and status message through real time WhatsApp monitoring.
Besides, WhatStatus also provides WhatsApp’s daily usage statistics graphs on an hourly basis.

- Your whole contact list’s real time WhatsApp monitoring.
- Real time notifications at the very moment that your contacts get online.
- Real time notifications upon your contact’s profile picture and status message changes.
- Daily usage statistics with graphs that may be shared with your friends.
- Your contacts list’s total online time and hourly basis WhatsApp usage reports.
- Your own favorite contacts list.
- Your contacts list’s WhatsApp usage ranking.

Why should I use WhatStatus?
- Jealous couples that want to check how long and when each other get online at WhatsApp.
- Parents that want to restrain their children’s WhatsApp abusive usage.
- Managers and directors that want to monitor their employees’ WhatsApp usage during their working hours.
- Everyone that just want to have some fun by following its friends and contacts activities at WhatsApp.

© © 2014 WhatStatus.


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Yo. – Life Before Us, LLC

Posted in Social Networking, Top Apps - Aus by iTunes Store. Published Juni 24th, 2014
Life Before Us, LLC - Yo. artwork Yo.
Life Before Us, LLC
Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: April 1, 2014

The simplest & most efficient communication tool in the world.

Yo is a single-tap zero character communication tool.
Yo is everything and anything, it all depends on you, the recipient and the time of the Yo.

Wanna say "good morning"? just Yo.
Wanna say "Baby I'm thinking about you"? - Yo.
"I've finished my meeting, come by my office" - Yo.
"Are you up?" - Yo.
The possibilities are endless.

We don't want your email, Facebook, there is no search, no nothing. just Yo.

Open the app, tap Yo, that's it.

It's that simple. Yo.

© © Yo


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