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Posted in Navigation, Top Apps - ES by iTunes Store. Published September 9th, 2014
Iteration Mobile S.L - Detector de Radares PRO: Avisador de Radares España  artwork Detector de Radares PRO: Avisador de Radares España
Iteration Mobile S.L
Genre: Navigation
Price: 5,99 €
Release Date: June 28, 2014

Detector de Radares Profesional por GPS. El único sistema 100% legal y fiable en España.

Conduce con toda la tranquilidad que necesitas al volante y olvídate de las multas para siempre. Con esta aplicación tendrás el más completo DETECTOR DE RADARES PROFESIONAL a un precio mucho menor que los detectores específicos por hardware que cuestan más de 100 € y no ofrecen las mismas prestaciones.

Actualizamos nuestra base de datos de RADARES a diario para que puedas beneficiarte de continuas mejoras y actualizaciones gratuitas. ¡SIN SUSCRIPCIONES, REGISTROS NI GASTOS ADICIONALES!


- Se integra con cualquier NAVEGADOR GPS como la aplicación de Mapas, permitiendo recibir avisos de navegación y alertas de RADARES simultáneamente.
- Modo ahorro batería. La aplicación es capaz de funcionar en segundo plano. Seguirás recibiendo avisos incluso con la pantalla apagada.
- Elige entre 4 modos de visualización diferentes. Incluye un modo 3D con realidad aumentada con el que tendrás una perspectiva precisa de la ubicación de los radares.
- Interface sencillo y moderno. Podrás ver en tiempo real la distancia al radar más cercano, ubicación, dirección y límite de velocidad.
- Incluye voces totalmente en CASTELLANO.
- Avisos en el sentido de la marcha. La aplicación descarta automáticamente radares en sentido contrario o fuera de ruta.
- Avisos sonoros al aproximarse a un RADAR.
- Avisos al superar límite de velocidad.
- Modo vibración para motoristas.
- Distancias y parámetros de aviso completamente configurables.
- No requiere conexión de datos para visualizar la ubicación de los radares.

Este software ha sido diseñado teniendo en cuenta su uso en carreteras Españolas, su interface muestra de manera clara toda la información que necesitas saber en cada momento. Detector de Radares Pro ha sido desarrollado y testeado en España por Vialsoft. Puedes descargarte esta aplicación con TOTAL GARANTÍA.

Si tienes cualquier duda o sugerencia, estaremos encantados de atenderte:

© © Vialsoft & Iteration Mobile


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Posted in Navigation, Top Apps - JP by iTunes Store. Published August 7th, 2014
Yahoo Japan Corp. - Yahoo!カーナビ~渋滞や交通情報、音声ナビが搭載された簡単無料ナビアプリ  artwork Yahoo!カーナビ~渋滞や交通情報、音声ナビが搭載された簡単無料ナビアプリ
Yahoo Japan Corp.
Genre: Navigation
Release Date: July 31, 2014

(2) ナビ走行
(3) 高速道路専用のナビ走行
(4) リアルタイムに必要なものを検索できる目的地検索
iOS 6.0.0以上
iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,iPhone 4S, iPod Touch には対応しておりません。
本アプリケーションは、Yahoo! JAPAN利用規約(をご確認のうえ、ご利用ください。

© © Yahoo Japan


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Resumo LeiSecaRJ – Eduardo Trevisan

Posted in Navigation, Top Apps - BR by iTunes Store. Published August 3rd, 2014
Eduardo Trevisan - Resumo LeiSecaRJ  artwork Resumo LeiSecaRJ
Eduardo Trevisan
Genre: Navigation
Price: USD 0.99
Release Date: October 1, 2013

Atencao! Os screenshots se referem a uma versao anterior do app.
Saiba em tempo real a localização de todas as blitz da LeiSeca no Rio de Janeiro. Estamos sempre introduzindo novas melhorias no app.

© © LeiSecaRJ


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NAVIGON Europe – Garmin Wuerzburg GmbH

Posted in AppStore, Navigation, Top Apps - CH by AppWolke. Published Juli 13th, 2014
Garmin Wuerzburg GmbH - NAVIGON Europe artwork NAVIGON Europe
Garmin Wuerzburg GmbH
Genre: Navigation
Price: CHF 65.00
Release Date: June 19, 2009

With NAVIGON you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a fully functional mobile navigation system. Thanks to a faithful adaptation of the menu functions, the app fits in seamlessly with the iOS operating concept and can be installed on any iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or iPad device (the navigation function is only available on the iPad WiFi +3G).

*** Range of functions ***

- Simple, intuitive user interface 

- Can be used in portrait and landscape format 

- Precise spoken announcements 

- Intelligent address entry 

- Lane Assistant Pro 

- Real Road Sign 

- Speed Assistant with adjustable audio-visual warning 

- NAVIGON MyRoutes 

- Day and night modes for map display (automatic switching)

- 2D and 3D map display (bird’s-eye view) 

- Route planning function

- Text-to-Speech (voice playback of street names)

- Extended Pedestrian Navigation using the iPhone’s internal compass

- Local Search

- Reality Scanner for POI searches with Augmented Reality

- Coordinate entry

- SOS Emergency Help

The latest HERE maps (fomerly Navteq) map material with coverage for:
Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, United Kingdom, Iceland, Ireland , Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldavia, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican

Latest Map Guarantee:
Guarantees you the most up-date maps at all times! After installing the app, you will automatically have access to the latest maps from the market leaders HERE maps (formerly Navteq)

NAVIGON FreshMaps XL (InApp):

Always have the latest maps with NAVIGON FreshMaps XL! Update your device each quarter with the latest map updates from the experts. Your device will be kept right up to date and will not only include changes and additions to the road network, but also a whole load of new special destinations. This increases safety, reduces stress and saves time!


NAVIGON MyMaps allows you to carry only the country maps you currently need. Meaning you have more memory space for photos, music and other apps.

Please note the following:
Positioning your iPhone correctly in the vehicle is very important to ensure optimal GPS reception! We recommend that you use the NAVIGON Design Car Kit for the iPhone, which includes both a designer suction pad holder and a car charger, enabling you to charge your iPhone during the journey. Available from specialist retailers or from the NAVIGON shop directly at!

Should you experience GPS reception problems with your iPhone, please refer to the FAQ on our

Allowing GPS to run in the background for extended periods can lead to a significant reduction in battery life.

Whether in the car, by bike or on foot, NAVIGON hopes you have fun navigating.

© © 2012 Garmin Würzburg GmbH


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Plane Finder – pinkfroot limited

Posted in Navigation, Top Apps - UK by iTunes Store. Published Juni 25th, 2014
pinkfroot limited - Plane Finder artwork Plane Finder
pinkfroot limited
Genre: Navigation
Price: £2.99
Release Date: November 3, 2009

Plane Finder shows live moving planes on a worldwide map and has been beautifully re-engineered for iOS7. The map view is front and center giving an uninterrupted view of air traffic and features are quick to access.

Plane Finder has been top rated and top ranking since 2009 and covers most of the world, tracking 12,000+ planes simultaneously.

Search by flight number, place name, airport, airline and aircraft or browse the map.

23 different plane markers are included and airline logos are displayed next to planes for easy identification.

Simply tap a plane to see detailed flight and aircraft information including photographs or tap an airport to see live arrivals and departures boards.

You can even use Augmented Reality (AR) view to identify planes overhead using your device camera.

Custom alerts are unlimited and free to use, so you can take a break from watching the air traffic and let the app notify you when a plane is in the air or nearby.

Powerful and unlimited custom filters are also free to use. You can create, save and name as many filters as you need for quick access to the planes you are interested in.

Add and browse bookmarks to saved locations around the globe to quickly navigate to areas or airports of interest.

If you prefer a list view of planes to the map view, use the sortable List View. You can also rearrange the table columns for ease of use.

FAA US and NATS UK aviation charts are available as an in app purchase as a visual alternative to standard maps.

Plane Finder has been featured by Gizmodo, CNN, GMA, BBC, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, CNET, Wired, GQ Magazine and many more. We have millions of happy users and Plane Finder is regularly updated with innovative new features. Our support team always listen to and reply to feedback.

At a glance our worldwide coverage includes -

• Europe 95% - realtime
• North America – 100% via slightly US delayed data – Nationwide realtime ADS-B network in place and capturing 95% of ADS-B equipped aircraft
• Rest of World – Excellent coverage in Australia, New Zealand, Central America, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Dubai, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Maldives, Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more countries

Important Note:
Plane Finder works by picking up real time ADS‐B signals used by aircraft to transmit positional data to land based receivers. This technology is faster than traditional radar and is used for air traffic control and navigation. ADS‐B is not used by all airlines or aircraft, however this is changing and the number of aircraft tracked by ADS‐B is increasing all of the time. Traditional radar type data in near real time is also included for North America; this is subject to a short time delay.

Disclaimer: The use of the information presented using Plane Finder is strictly limited to pursuing enthusiast activities (i.e. for entertainment purposes), which specifically exclude any activities that might endanger yourself or the lives of others.
Under no circumstances will the developer of this application be held responsible for incidents resulting from the use of the data or its interpretation or its use contrary to this agreement.

© © pinkfroot limited 2010-2013


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