Panini Collectors – Panini S.p.A.

Posted in Entertainment, Top Apps - AT by iTunes Store. Published April 15th, 2014
Panini S.p.A. - Panini Collectors artwork Panini Collectors
Panini S.p.A.
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: April 3, 2014

Organize your album check list in a funnier and easier way, without paper and pencil!

If you like collecting Panini stickers, Panini Collectors is your application.
All you need is to download the app and manage your collections. Scan with your camera phone the sticker and get your check list update. Use the Panini Collector app and gain the special Panini Collector badges

Benefits from using this application :
- Have your checklists (got, need and swaps) available on the go
- Possibility to share your lists with your friends
- Track number of missing stickers, and number of duplicates instantly
- Filter the view and look at missing stickers quickly

© © (c) 2014 Panini S.p.A.


Mrs. Brown’s Boys App – HWH Inc

Posted in Entertainment, Top Apps - Aus by iTunes Store. Published April 2nd, 2014
HWH Inc - Mrs. Brown's Boys App artwork Mrs. Brown's Boys App
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $1.29
Release Date: December 19, 2012


Mrs. Brown’s Boys went straight to number one in the UK and Ireland dvd charts, BAFTA nominated for best situation comedy, with a sell out UK tour. You can now enjoy Mrs. Brown’s Boys App which contains:

Multiple Soundboards:

All of Agnes Brown’s funniest phrases and quotes from the show


Want to talk like Mrs. Brown? Then use the translator to hear how! Also features the voice of Cathy, Mrs. Brown’s daughter.

Mobile Zone:

All these Mrs Brown tones come free with the app! Completely personalise your iPhone with your very own:
Mrs Brown Ringtones
Mrs Brown Text Alert
Christmas Ringtone
Christmas Text alert

Panic Button:

The panic button is to be used when someone is really starting to annoy you. You can decide if you want to be tolerant or NOT!

Jumpin’ Mammy:

See what score you can reach as you jump to the clouds with Mrs. Brown’s game “Jumpin Mammy”. Mrs Brown will talk to you throughout the game, where you can gain extra points the higher you go and the more cups of tea you land on.

This application is packed with bundles of Mrs Brown brilliance, start enjoying today!

(c) All rights reserved to BOC Productions Limited 2011.
Licensed by Rocket Licensing Ltd.

© © All rights reserved to BOC Productions Limited 2012. Licensed by Rocket Licensing Ltd.


Kommentare abgeschaltet – polyGeek

Posted in Entertainment, Top Apps - US by iTunes Store. Published März 15th, 2014
polyGeek - artwork
Genre: Entertainment
Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 20, 2011

The RunPee app is constantly updated, the day movies are released, to tell you the best time to run and pee during your favorite movies without missing the best scenes. And of course we provide a synopsis with each Peetime so you will know exactly what you missed.

Besides that it lets you know if there is anything extra after the end credits.

The built in Timer will alert you - by vibration - when a Peetime is coming so that you don't have to worry about bothering the people around you.

Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie without worrying if you'll need to run and pee.

© © RunPee


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iTube Free – Ran Markish

Posted in AppStore, Entertainment, Top Apps - CH by AppWolke. Published März 15th, 2014
Ran Markish - iTube Free artwork iTube Free
Ran Markish
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: February 9, 2014

Use YouTube as music player:
- Play on background
- Find lyrics to videos
- Set a sleep timer
- Make Playlists
- Enjoy Dynamic TOP 100 Playlists = changes every day.
- View history of watched videos and make favorites list
- Login with YouTube and play & edit your playlists
- Publish on Facebook
- Display media info on lock screen
- Search Playlists and Channels and copy them immediately to be yours.
- Skip songs with headphones or iPod controls
Need to say more?

- Double Tap on video to zoom in and out, one tap to dismiss controls.
- Scroll player controls to the left to see sleep timer, rotation lock and more.

Thank you for all the reviews, good and bad. We read them all.

© © Ran Markish


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Live TV Kijken – Greeny-Jump

Posted in Entertainment, Top Apps - NL by iTunes Store. Published März 9th, 2014
Greeny-Jump - Live TV Kijken artwork Live TV Kijken
Genre: Entertainment
Price: 3,99 €
Release Date: August 31, 2013

**Nummer 1 in Nederland (November 2013)**

Met deze App kunt u LIVE TV KIJKEN . Wij hebben op dit moment ruim 100 zenders die u waar dan ook kunt bekijken*, het enige wat u nodig heeft is een internet verbinding.
Het aanbod bestaat uit Nederlandse en internationale zenders.
Via onze Live Event functie worden regelmatig Live events getoond.
Live events zoals; Sport wedstrijden, music shows , miss verkiezingen, etc.

Onze zenders worden op dit moment bijvoorbeeld al in meer dan 100 landen regelmatig bekeken door expats en vakantiegangers.

Het zender aanbod en de vormgeving kan door ons aangepast worden. Dit alles zonder opgave van reden maar wel met de intentie om het beste resultaat aan u te leveren.

Live TV Kijken is de snelst groeiende markt. Wij maken gebruik van de nieuwste technieken. Wij raden u daarom aan altijd de laatste software versies voor uw iPhone en iPad te installeren / gebruiken.

Vergeet vooral niet voor de LIVE TV KIJKEN App altijd de laatste updates te installeren!

Omdat er HD zenders aangeboden (kunnen) worden dient u , voor een optimale werking, het volgende in acht te nemen;
Minimaal IOS 7.
Mobiel internet over 4G voor het beste resultaat.
Wifi 25 m/bit download snelheid.

*Het kan zijn dat sommige zenders in sommige regimes / landen niet bekeken mogen worden of dat er rechten beperkingen zijn voor het land van waaruit u wilt kijken.

Wanneer en waar te gebruiken? Waar u maar wilt met inachtneming van al het bovenstaande. Of je nu op het vliegveld zit te wachten , in de trein zit, bij de tandarts…
LIVE TV KIJKEN is altijd in uw buurt.

© ©


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