Distant Suns: The new way to look at the sky ̵...

Posted in Education, Top Apps - ES by iTunes Store. Published April 9th, 2014
First Light - Distant Suns: The new way to look at the sky artwork Distant Suns: The new way to look at the sky
First Light
Genre: Education
Release Date: October 22, 2008

Now free!

In 1987 Distant Suns first put the universe on your desktop. 27 years later it puts the universe in your shirt pocket.

Sporting a database of over 130,000 stars, along with nebula and galaxies, Distant Suns has earned the reputation of both having one of the most realistic and beautiful displays of the night sky, while being one of the easiest to use astronomy programs available for the most casual sky watchers and serious astronomers alike.

Features include:

•No Internet required. Just a sense of wonder.
•Up to date space and astronomy news provided by Astronomy Magazine
•In partnership with the SETI Institute you can now see the real-time exosolar targets being monitored in the search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.
•Zoom in on the planets, see Jupiter and her moons or the rings of Saturn.
•Now universal, so it will work on both iPads and iPhones
•See where other users with Beacons.
•Push notifications to ensure you'll never miss important space events.
•Compass aware, just aim and gaze.
•Over 130,000 pinpoint stars scintillating like diamond dust in the palm of your hand
•Realistic ghostly band of the Milky Way
•Stories behind each constellation
•Viewpoint Lock keeps any planet centered
•Change the look of the stars
•Galaxies, nebula and star clusters
•Hubble Space Telescope images
•All 8 planets (Pluto is optional)
•GPS aware
•Red interface to preserve your night vision
•What's Up? Gives a quick one snapshot overview of where all of the important stuff is
•Touching the sky to reveal hidden data for each object
•Planetary data and information

Why settle for eye-candy when you can settle for mind-candy.

Twitter: distantsuns, lazyastronomer
AIM : lazyastronomer
Support: www.distantsuns.com

© © 2013 First Light Design, LLC


本気で英会話!ペラペラ英語 英単...

Posted in Education, Top Apps - JP by iTunes Store. Published April 4th, 2014
appArray Inc. - 本気で英会話!ペラペラ英語 英単語・リスニング・TOEICの学習にも! artwork 本気で英会話!ペラペラ英語 英単語・リスニング・TOEICの学習にも!
appArray Inc.
Genre: Education
Price: ¥100
Release Date: September 27, 2013

◎ チャットで見て・聞いて・話す新感覚英語学習!
◎ 74の偉人達から英語だけでなく名言も学べる!
◎ 歴史に残る名スピーチを聞いて英語耳を鍛える!
◎ コンテンツや機能も頻繁に追加中!

◎ 『英語力向上で日本はもっと強くなれる』という理念の下に、帰国子女とTOEIC950点超の開発陣が本当の英語力が身につく内容を揃えました。
◎ 上達目的別に以下のモードをご利用ください

◎ コンピュータとのチャットで英会話を実践 【会話モード】
 ・ 選択肢を見ながら英語が苦手な人でも会話ができる!
 ・ 音声認識でスピーキングの練習も可能!

◎ そのまま使えるリアルな英語 【充実の英会話集】
 ・ ネイティブスピーカーの音声で耳も鍛える!
 ・ バイリンガル作成・アメリカ人ネイティブ監修で安心!

◎ 聴覚刺激で英語脳に 【リスニングモード】
 ・ 名作や歴史に残るスピーチで楽しくリスニング!
 ・ 英文台詞、日本語対訳、単語機能でしっかり理解!

◎ 偉人達の心に残る言葉を英語で覚える 【名言モード】
 ・ 74人の偉人による156の名言・格言の英語音声を収録!
 ・ 名言を曜日・時間指定でアラーム設定可能!

[email protected]

© © appArray Inc.


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Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free – ...

Posted in Education, Top Apps - ES by iTunes Store. Published März 24th, 2014
Duolingo - Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free artwork Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free
Genre: Education
Release Date: November 13, 2012

Duolingo is Apple's 2013 App of the Year!

Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Totally fun. Totally free.

PC Magazine Editors' Choice for Language Learning: "Among iPhone apps for learning or practicing a language, you can't beat Duolingo."

"Far and away the best free language-learning app." —The Wall Street Journal

"We’ve also tried a few other methods such as book learning and Rosetta Stone, both of which bombed. That’s why I jumped at the chance to try Duolingo. And believe me, it’s addictive." —FluentIn3Months.com

Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages.

With Duolingo, you learn a language completely free, without ads or hidden charges. You have fun while you learn, leveling up and competing with friends. You have the opportunity to translate real-world texts in the language you are learning, and in doing so, help us translate the Web into other languages.

Yeah, it's pretty sweet.

© © 2013 Duolingo, Inc.


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Learn English: Listen, Speak and Play – Guil...

Posted in Education, Top Apps - AT by iTunes Store. Published März 20th, 2014
Guillaume Joly - Learn English: Listen, Speak and Play artwork Learn English: Listen, Speak and Play
Guillaume Joly
Genre: Education
Price: 0,89 €
Release Date: December 22, 2013

"Learn English" is on SALE with 50% off today with AppGratis.

Ranks #1 in France and Spain.
Ranks #3 in Italy.
Ranks #10 in Germany.

Listen, speak and play - the quick and intuitive way to learn and recall everyday vocabulary in English. It includes audio pronunciations by native English speakers. Whether for leisure, school or business, this key vocabulary application covers a range of subjects from home and people to food and time. With scenes and items from everyday life clearly labelled, it's easy to find the words you want in this application.

35 topics and over 600 words/phrases
Main topics :
-Home: House, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen...
-People: Family, Body, Face, Appearance, Age, Emotions, Hygiene...
-Food: Meals, Drinks, Table, Fruits, Vegetables, Accessories...
-Time & Weather: Calendar, Months, Time, Seasons...
-Basics: Numbers, Colours, Shapes...

Comes with quiz for each lesson. These are great reinforcement tools.

Translations are available in 5 languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese).

This game is part of our collection of educational games.
Visit our web site for more info: http://bacarox.com

If you have questions, suggestions, or problems, please contact us : [email protected]

© © 2013


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Idiotentest – die App – tutoria GmbH...

Posted in Education, Top Apps - AT by iTunes Store. Published März 19th, 2014
tutoria GmbH - Idiotentest - die App artwork Idiotentest - die App
tutoria GmbH
Genre: Education
Price: 0,89 €
Release Date: March 6, 2014

Du hast dich im Straßenverkehr falsch verhalten? Nun droht die medizinisch-psychologische Untersuchung (MPU) – ugs. "Idiotentest"? Dann ist diese App genau richtig für dich, denn sie bereitet dich auf den Test auf spielerische Art vor!

In der App sind nützliche Inhalte zum Allgemeinwissen und logischem Denken, Alkohol, Drogen und Verstöße gegen die Straßenverkehrsordnung für dich in übersichtlicher Form zusammengestellt. So lernst du nicht nur effektiv, sondern sogar mit Spaß für den Idiotentest!

Der Lernstoff ist unterteilt in folgende Kapitel:
- Alkohol
- Drogen
- Verkehrsvergehen
- Idiotencheck mit lustigen Fragen zum Allgemeinwissen und logischen Denken

Beim Lernen für den Idiotentest unterstützt dich der adaptive Lernalgorithmus, der sich deinem Kenntnisstand und Lernfortschritt anpasst und dir an Hand von Statistiken zeigt, wann du fit für die Prüfung bist.

Lerne wann und wo du willst:
Frische dein Wissen zu jeder Tages- und Nachtzeit mit deinem Smartphone oder Tablet auf. Mit dieser App kannst du daheim oder unterwegs, z.B. während du auf den Bus wartest, üben.

© © Cramlr


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